Major brands like Prada cut ties with Chinese actor Li Yifeng after his arrest

The famed Chinese actor Li Yifeng, who has starred in flicks similar as The Pioneer, and The Founding Of An Army, has been charged with soliciting coitus workers by Beijing Police. 35- time-old confessed to the crime, per a Weibo post by the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau. After being detained, Chinese megastar Li Yifeng has been cut off from global brands, including Prada and Remy Martin. The government is taking measures to check what it calls" chaotic addict culture" and celebrity excess in China's entertainment assiduity. Li is the rearmost to find itself in legal trouble. 
 Beijing Police released an sanctioned statement regarding the arrest of 35- time-old manly actor Li, surnamed Li, on Sunday, September 11. It said," The individual confessed to visiting hookers multiple times and has been held administratively." Under Chinese law, soliciting harlotry is illegal and is generally penalized by over to 15 days in executive detention. still, it may reduce minor offenses to five days. 
 Lately, Li's plant said online commentary about his particular life were just rumours through a proclamation. The gossip has also been dredged about on Weibo, China- grounded Twitter, where Li has over 60 million followers. Li claimed the rumours caused him emotional deterioration and impacted his business poorly. Only the former month, Li was on the ramp in Beijing, walking for Prada's fall 2022 collection. 
 A series of slanders in recent months have taken down China's most significant impersonators, including musician Kris Wu, who was charged with dubitation
 of rape in August. Last time, actress Zheng Shuang was charged a$ 46 million duty elusion forfeiture. China Television Artist association said on Monday that no matter who or what an artist achieves, if they can not keep themselves clean and out of reproach, their fame will evaporate, their future will be ruined, and strict conduct will be taken against them.